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The Dark AbyssKingdom Legends The Dark Abyss Backstory

It had been 91 years since
the last great war.  Its devastation left the world once again primitive and in disarray.  This time was known as the Secundum Bellum Era.  Swords, bows and other primitive weapons were what ruled the world.  Kings sat on their thrones and dictated their beliefs.  Some for the good of others, some for their own selfish gain, and others to bring doom upon all who challenged them.  It was a time that prior generations had experienced before, however something different was about to change the world in which all knew it.  Something that would bring all kings together, united, differences aside to fight the terror which would besiege all humankind.  The story of The Dark Abyss was the tale that revealed this grim future.

In a kingdom throne room, an important meeting has taken place.  One that has sent a party of soldiers into the infamous Forest of Lost Souls on an important mission.  One unfortunate event followed by another left the party scattered from each other.  Distantly separated, hungry, weak and fatigued, one member stumbled upon an undiscovered location filled with dark secrets.

No further details are available about the story for this game.  Check back again soon!
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