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Villains & Enemies


Villains of Kingdom Legends

Lord Kroshmok Villain from Kingdom Legends: The Dark AbyssLord Kroshmok

Very little is known about this half-demon, half-human character other than his infamous reputation of being sinister.

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Black Cloak

A mysterious halfling dKingdom Legends - Black Cloak by Bill Marimonriven by his avarice and stealthy ability to avoid confrontation.  This being will be lurking around looking for your treasure, so guard your purse well.

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Kingdom Legends - Villain King Gargos by Bill MarimonKing Gargos

The infamous king and general of the Minotaurs.  Obsessed with power and a desire to conquer, he will do about anything to get it.  He unites with Lord Kroshmok in an attempt to further increase his power.

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Enemies - Standard

Common Enemies in the world of Kingdom Legends.

Kingdom Legends Drillhorn Beetle

Drillhorn Beetle

Drillhorn Beetles can be found deep under the ground more than 40 feet beneath the world's outer surface. They are dangerous, especially the larger ones and have the power ratio of an ant but are much larger.

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Character designed by David Sanders.

Enemies - Champions
Rare or Boss Enemies in the world of Kingdom Legends.

Sewage RodentsSewage Beast
These powerful creatures are unquestionably aggressive.  They are dangerous and can bring their opponent down with a single swipe of their razor-sharp claws.  They have arachnid-like agility with massive upper body strength.  These creatures are rare and one may never encounter one in their entire lifetime.  Facts about these beasts are not well known throughout the land.  It is often rumored that these creatures have a fatal bite but, in fact, these creatures will avoid sticking their neck into combat but rather fire needles at their opponent from a distance or swing their claws at them.  Their long necks are ideal for accessing tangled and hard-to-reach vegetation.  They sway vegetarian mostly but an encounter with one of these mixed with their naturally high aggressiveness will prove deadly.

Technical Details

No additional details are available about Champions at this time.  Check back again soon!

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