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Interactive Combat System

Kingdom Legends®: The Dark Abyss

What makes this combat system unique and innovative?

Battle Results Screen - Battle System - Kingdom LegendsLegacysoft Kingdom Legends - Battle System - Example 2
Legacysoft Kingdom Legends - Battle System - Example 1Real-Time Turn-Based Combat System

This combat system is a side view turn-based system, nothing new at first glance. Paired with real-time game mechanic to alleviate the dullness of turn-based combat while it's your opponent's turn. Real-time combat systems have grown in popularity over the years, however, there are some distinct advantages to having a turn-based system. Turn-based systems add an element of strategy to combat that is often missing in real-time systems, especially when it comes to spell casting.  Giving the player plenty of time for strategic decision making is important.  And, real-time systems add a sense of realism and interaction that is missing in a turn-based system.  This battle system incorporates the advantages of both styles while also eliminating their disadvantages.

One of the pitfalls of a turn based battle system is that the player is left with nothing to do when it's not their turn.  This battle system allows your character to interact during inactive turns.  Your character will grow and learn new Abilities which you can attempt to master at your comfortable learning rate.  During your inactive turn you can attempt to deflect your opponent's attack, perform counter attacks, preemptive strikes and a few other interactions.

Combat System Basics
Take turns against your opponent(s) and on your turn choose an action: attack, defend, use an ability, use an item, flee, or a few other options. Once you've selected your action for your turn, your character perform that action ending the turn. Your opponents will then get turns to take similar actions. This cycle continues until one party is completely defeated or until one party successfully retreats from the battlefield.

Turns are not alternated equally between the party and their group of opponents, the turn frequency of combat is determined by your character's Agility score (and a few other things factors) and that of your opponent. Taking more turns than your opponent can make you more effective, especially when paired up against certain foes. After the battle ends, you will be awarded with a Combat Rating showing how well you performed in combat. Performing well in battle can increase experience and gold earned upon victory.

Special Abilities and Spells
Over time your character will learn new Abilities and Spells.  These are typically used during combat but few may be used outside of combat.  Abilities are efficient in that they do not cost Magic or Mana Crystals and they can still be quite powerful.  However, they tend to take a much longer time to recharge than Spells.  Having a variety of Abilities can often open new opportunities to give you a strategic edge to your combat style.

Spells will tend to recharge faster than Abilities and some can hit all of your opponents simultaneously among other distinct advantages.  The more powerful the spell, the more costly it will be to cast.  Weaker spells may simply drain your Magic, whereas stronger spells may also drain all residual power of 1 or more Mana Crystals in order to cast them.  The turn-based system means that when it is your turn, you have as much time as you need to decide what Spells or Abilities you may want to use.

Long Range Combat
When your player has a bow or missile weapon equipped, you will be able to engage in Long Range Combat.  This fires an initial shot to your opponents before melee combat begins.  If your party catches your opponents off guard your missile weapon will automatically inflict a Critical Hit dealing extra damage.  However, if you are trapped in by your opponents then you will lose the ability to engage them in Long Range Combat.  Using missile weapons can give you an extra edge in defeating your opponents in combat.

Combat Rating
Your performance in combat is rated and a Combat Rating is stamped for every combat, victory or defeat.  Performing well in combat can prove to bring you many rewards but such rewards require great fighting prowess to achieve.

Combat System Life Cycle

Phase 1 - Long Range Combat
This is a quick phase where 3 different possibilities could happen:  This phase only occurs once per battle and only at the beginning of each encounter.
  • You surprise your opponents - Grants you the first action taken in the combat.  Your long ranged attacks inflict double damage.
  • You are caught off guard - Your opponents will always take the first action in the combat.  long ranged attacks are forfeited as a result of the surprise attack.
  • Standard engagement - No penalties nor advantages are given to either party.  Long Ranged Attacks do normal damage.

Phase 2 - Engagement

Choose whether or not you want to engage in the combat or try an take your chances of retrating from the battle.  If you are taken off guard, you will not be allowed to escape.

Phase 3 - Melee Combat
Battle System Melee Combat - Kingdom Legends
This is the phase where both parties have now engaged in up-close combat.  Each character will take turns based upon their Ability and Turn Frequency .

Phase 3 A - Your Turn
Battle System Your Turn - Kingdom Legends
In this phase you will select the action you want to take against your foe(s).  Time stands still while in this phase, you have the time to plan out your attack wisely.  Choose from a variety of actions such as:  Attack, Defend, Ability, Items, Scan, Flee, Soul Unleash

Phase 3 B - Opponent's Turn
Battle System Opponent Turn - Kingdom Legends
In the typical turn-based system this is a dull phase for the player.  However, don't let that catch you off guard in this combat system. During your off-turn can be some of the most crucial times of your combat. 

Phase 4 - Victory or Defeat
LegacySoft Kingdom Legends - Battle System Victory
One of 2 things happened to put an end to the battle. Either you or your opponents have been killed.  If your skills earn you victory then you will be awarded experience, spoils of war and a chance to live and fight another day. Your combat performance can even earn you extra loot and bonus experience if you're good enough.

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