VG-R Series Vintage Collection (RPG)

This is our vintage series collection of games that feature 2D 16-bit style graphics with refreshing modern technology, sound & music, and with a higher screen resolution than its true vintage predecessor.  This series features hand drawn art and hand painted pixel art styles and incorporates them into interactive games.  Unlike today's latest games which are revolved around 3D technologies, these games do not require an expensive video or 3D accelerator card to play allowing even the most economical PCs to run these games effortlessly.  If you find yourself downloading emulators to re-play old games, if you become dizzy from the constant rotation of 3D games, or if you just have an appreciation for PC and Console games of yesterday then this series is for you.  We believe there is a unique advantage of this style of simplistic gaming and this is our series designed to cater to that interest.

Games of similar genre:  Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, Lunar, Lufia, Super Mario RPG, The Legend of Zelda, 7th Saga, Phantasy Star, Ultima, Ys

Kingdom Legends®: The Dark Abyss

Character art by Rik Levins

A lone survivor's vengeance over a spouse murdered by a devious lord leads to a dreaded prophecy being fulfilled, forcing the rash survivor to realize the vital importance of diplomacy.

Kingdom Legends®: Gurg's Tale of Freedom
No further details are available
This tale is about a group of slaves, in an arena on the barbaric island known as Gurg Island, who struggle to gain their freedom.  The survivors learn that their freedom is simply a step to a greater purpose that becomes the island's legacy.

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