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Male HeroMale Hero
A soldier of the Royal Guard, this knight will soon discover the difficulties of exploring the world outside of the kingdom.  Embarking out on a journey which should have taken only 3 days, he has found himself stranded deep within the Forest of Lost Souls.

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Female Heroine
Female Heroine

The female counterpart to the male hero.  She is a trained soldier of the Royal Guard as well, which was unusually rare for a female during the era in which the story takes place.

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Kingdom Legends - The LocksmithLocksmith
A master of invention and problem solving.  This halfling man was at the wrong place at the wrong time and has been sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment in a remote location.

Kingdom Legends - Archimedes the Wizard

A mysterious wizard, young to his kind, who seeks the truths of the world.  He is determined to explore distant lands and retrieve undiscovered artifacts.  He has a quirky sense of humor, but a hearty laugh and a brilliant mind.  Archimedes has come to The Dark Abyss to understand its unsolved mysterious.

No further details are available for others characters at this time.  Check back again.
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