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Male Hero - Details

Kingdom Legends®: The Dark Abyss

Male Hero Kingdom Legends: The Dark Abyss
Male Hero


The Early Years
A small boy was born in a village in the Southern continent of Scottsburg in the year 66 of the Secundum Bellum Era.  Throughout his childhood years, he found himself often intrigued by activities that required exploration and bravery.  This was later reinforced in his young adult years where he was known and trusted as one of the best Swordsmen in the village.  Bravery took over as the dominant trait now drawing the focus away from his interest of exploration.   In his beginning adult years, he quickly became of high interest to the King of Lionhelm.  The King desired his skills as a new recruit in the Royal Guard at the castle.  And as time weaved forward, that's exactly where he ended up.

Recent Years
He has spent several years in the Royal Guard and has become well respected in his career.  He has been selected for a critical mission with three other individuals for the King.  He, of course, takes it without thought of consequence.  His dominant trait of bravery prevailed leading him to dangers beyond his wildest imaginations.  The odds of him surviving this mission are nearly impossible, but his ambitions and background prepare him beyond that of any one else in the kingdom.  In the next chapter of his life, he finds himself within Castle Lionhelm's throne room where a very important meeting is about to take place.

*No additional details are available for this character at this time.  Check back again soon!

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